Restoring a deleted account


I might have accidentally deleted my FCC account. I used GitHib to sign in.

Any chance of restoring that account so I don’t have to start all over again?

Any help is more that appreciated.


What makes you say that you have deleted your account?

Hi, I have always used my GitHub acc to access FCC. The only one I’ve got and when logged in to FCC there is nothing there. No progress at all, no profile image, no name, nada. Thanks

Have you changed the email for your GitHub account?

No I haven’t. Any chance of restoring the account?

I don’t know

Did you went to the account settings and choose to delete the account?

Not sure. I was sharing my PC with someone else who did delete their account. It is possible that the account was deleted that way.

If the account was deleted or reset via the settings page, then that action cannot be reversed.