Result mismatch even for same inputs

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Kind of old-stuff of asking question, but this is true! The code is giving exactly same o/p as mentioned in test-cases in my terminal, but not passing last two test-cases in FreeCodeCamp’

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
	var first = -1;
	var last = -1;
	if(arr[0] > arr[1]){
		first = arr[1];
		last = arr[0];
		first = arr[0];
		last = arr[1];
	var temp = [];
	for(var i=first; i<last+1; i++){
	for(var i = 2; i<Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER; i++){
		var flag = true;
		for(var j=0; j<temp.length; j++){
			if(i % temp[j] != 0){
				flag = false;
		if(flag === true)
			return i;


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My first guess without looking into your code that your function runs out of time before computation of a correct result. In your browsers console no timeout is set - so it works. The goal now is to refactor to make a function more efficient