Resume advice - personal URL

Hello everybody :slightly_smiling_face: I would like to ask you for your advice,
I bought a domain name for my small business which I am not using since
I had to use another domain for business reasons, so I have this domain paid till November 2024,
I thought I can use that domain (it has the name of my small business, not my personal name) like a presentation URL for my projects, for instance when I apply for a job position I can use it.

At first, I thought I could change the domain name but then I heard it is impossible, can you please confirm it?

My following question i : since that domain name has the name of my small business,
but it shows my projects, do you think is it advisable to put it on my resume? , since I always see a field where people can put a Url or page to show their personal projects, I thought I could use it (my small business URL).
What do you recommend? Thank you so much in advance

If you think that your personal website displays your highest level of skill and experience, then go ahead and include it. As long as the domain isn’t something offensive or inappropriate, then it doesn’t matter.

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