Resume and Portfolio Review Please!

I’m looking for some honest feedback on my resume and portfolio.

I had no previous coding experience, February 2019 I started fcc and earned my full stack certificate 6 months later. My learning has been entirely online through fcc and docs and other resources. I’m going to start applying for jobs which is why I’m asking for feedback .

I’m attaching two resumes, one with an “Objective” statement and shorter job section (to keep it to one page), and the other without the Objective. They are otherwise identical. I don’t know if I should include an Objective or not.

Resume With Objective
Resume W/O Objective

My Portfolio

Thanks, and don’t worry about hurting my feelings with your feedback :grinning:


Your portfolio looks great! But get rid of the horizontal scroll bar. A way to do that is putting in your CSS:

overflow-x: hidden;

I’m not an expert tho, so I don;t know if that is the best way.


@codeofdreams Thanks, I wasn’t noticing it until you pointed it out.

I’ve tested it locally and overflow-x: hidden; fixes the horizontal scroll.

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I’m glad it worked! I really like the page.

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I updated my portfolio so it should be fixed now.

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I got a good suggestion from the feedback on my portfolio which is what I was hoping for. But only the one response, anybody else have any thoughts / feedback on either the resume or portfolio?

overflow-x: hidden will completely hide anything that extends outside its container element horizontally. I highly recommend not doing this, and refactoring your CSS to be more responsive - otherwise it is possible for your site to appear to be missing content.

@nhcarrigan thanks for taking a look. The animations were causing a horizontal scroll bar because they were moving from off screen (or outside the container element) to on screen, which occurred regardless of screen size. So there was nothing overflowing that I wanted displayed. Hiding the overflow removed the scroll bar.

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