Resume building

I need some advices on building a strong and hirable resume.
I have been applying for job in the past two weeks and got no responses on moving forward. It’s a tough environment due to layoffs, but I know the problem is my experience and skills. I currently work for a small fintech startup in private equity, and we only use R to ingest and process financial data. Because this narrow scope of work, I feel my experience is too niche and I have been learning to code, like fCC, and build a few personal projects. Then, in this job hunting experience, it’s obvious that my background is not job ready. If you have any advices or questions, I am happy to listen.

I got a couple of ideas from a bit research:

  1. Build a big project and keep polishing it to make it great, even better if there is user base
  2. Hackathon helps to gain experience on collaborating.
  3. Mentorships like GSoC or Linux Foundation on open source software
  4. freelance like fiverr

I think that’s a solid plan and will greatly enhance your resume. You could probably drop the fiverr idea though, I doubt it would be necessary if you did the other three. These are all time consuming commitments…

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This is so helpful in job hunting, especially when you get to the interview stages. It’s my go-to advice when people are asking how to show their competency in a job hunt.

The other thing I can’t overstate, is how much of a difference it makes to use your network. Open positions are getting something like 10x the number of “cold” applications they used to, but what I’ve seen and heard is that almost all hires are coming out of referrals. Reach out to anyone who has left your company and ask if they know of open positions. If there is anyone at your current company that you feel safe telling that you’re planning to leave, talk to them. They might be able to connect you to their network.

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Thank you for very helpful advices!