Resume Feedback for my college exam


I have this midterm assessment in one of my subjects and one of the requirements include creating a resume. I made a draft of my resume and I would like to have some inputs on what else should I include or improve on. (I am a BSIT student so I felt that posting here would be okay…hopefully).

I am also planning on using this resume in the future so any inputs would be very helpful.

Note: I haven’t designed it yet since I am really focusing on building the content first.

Here’s the resume:


I think it looks good overall! Regarding the content, I’d maybe add a Soft skills and a Languages sections.

Can’t say much about your work experience, as I don’t have any experience in an IT position yet :sweat_smile: but it seems to be well described. Maybe you could divide it into an Achievements and a Tasks performed sections so you don’t mix up things like being promoted to Team Leader with back or front end development related tasks.

Hope this is helpful!


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I just added some soft skills hehe, but I would definitely divide the Achievements and Tasks :laughing: I was kinda concerned on how text heavy it was on my work experience part, didn’t realize I could section it.

Thank you for the suggestion!!!


I think it is a good start.

The main thing to remember is that you are not being paid to code.
You are being paid to solve problems with code.

Companies hire engineers to help solve their business problems.

If that main theme runs throughout the whole resume then you will be in good shape.

A few things that might help.

  • Front-end development using HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap for responsive web design. Successfully developed mobile-friendly websites.
  • Trained with back end development using Laravel with PHP framework including the use of RESTful API, CRUD, and SQL queries.

This basically translates to I learned some front and back end technologies. How did you use these technologies to help solve a problem.

It is also a little redundant because you list the technologies you have worked with at the bottom.

I think it is a good start but you need to work on how you can sell it a little bit better as to why you are a good problem solver.

You could also look into reading more about resumes in these FCC articles.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much.! So that means I don’t have to necessarily include the training I had since it’s already reflected in the projects I made and the skills I listed?

I’m going to read these articles. I’ve been reading a lot of resumes tips but those are mostly for other fields so I find those inappropriate to be a guide in what to write.

Again, Thank You!! Although this will be used for my college mock interview. I’m trying to prepare myself more for the future.

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You can have a list of technologies at the bottom.
That’s fine.

But this part here

You are just providing a definition for what front end development is.
It doesn’t really add anything to the resume. Talk about how you used those technologies.

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Noted! Thank you again :smile: