Resume feedback please!

Hi everyone, I know you are all busy so any time you can spare me is great. I just wanted to get some feedback on resume, please let me know what you think


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Hey @footballblubber!

Instead of saying “Here are all of my projects on Github” I think you can just have a github icon near your contact information at the top of the page. So if employers want to go to your github they can click on the icon.

Also under the languages section be careful about the spelling for JavaScript. I make this mistake all of the time but the capital S does need to be there.

For the projects, I think you should add a more descriptive name for the projects instead of “Statistical dashboard” or “Object-oriented game show project”

Hope that helps!

Good luck!

Well done @footballblubber, CV writing is always so hard but this looks a really decent start.

A minor consistency thing, for React you have it listed under skills as React.js and in your intro as just React. Redux, Node and Express are all .js’s too, so I’d either set them all to .js or not set any of them. Make sure you’re consistent in all places you mention them.

JQuery is capital Q

I think a short description of each project would be useful so people can see at a glance which technologies you used for each or a particular challenge/complexity you addressed. A sentence or two.

I wouldn’t mention ‘udemy full stack course project’ - keep the credit for the project to yourself on the CV :slight_smile:

Under Education, make sure everything is chronological - the top two items need to be switched.

I’d remove your address entirely.

Under your name, you could add links to your GitHub, Portfolio and LinkedIn - I’d put the actual URL in, in case someone prints out the CV.

Hope this helps!

Good effort, I will just suggest the following changes:

  • Delete your address and only specify city & state.
  • Check spelling & grammar of your CV
  • Please enlist education in proper chronological order.

Thanks alot I have made the changes you have mentioned!

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Thanks alot I have made the changes you have mentioned! Thanks Naheed

Thanks alot i have put into action all your thoughts and the others on here, really helpful