Resume Guidelines

Hi FreeCodeCampers,

I’ve been coding for a while. I’ve finished my projects on FCC, also attended a coding boot-camp in San Francisco. At this point, I feel okay to start looking for a job.

I’ve no work experience. And so, I don’t know how should i write my resume. I’ve come across these difficulties, please help me into it:

  1. Resume format- word or pdf?
  2. Single column or 2 column resume.
  3. Where should I put my github and linked in pages link. Under what field?
  4. I’m following this guideline, please correct me if i’m wrong:
    a. my name-city
    b. Summary
    c. Skills
    d. Projects summary.

Please provide any additional guidelines, that will help my resume go through ATS

  1. pdf, but have a docx in case they want that. It’s also good to have a txt version - some places want you to cut and paste it into their form.

  2. The whole doc should be single column. Data in certain sections might have columns, if appropriate.

  3. You want to make things as easy as possible for the screener. They often spend less than 10 seconds looking. Basic contact (phone, email) should always be at the top. Social media stuff (including github) can be at the top too, or at the bottom, but never burried in the middle.

  4. I would add an education section and include all post-secondary education, including bootcamps, online training, etc.

Go on the internet and search for web developer resumes and see what they’ve done.

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