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hey guys…
i was looking for internships and this is what i have so far on my resume and online portfolio. I’ve applied for alot of internships, but no bites… so I am wonder what I am doing wrong…
would love advice on how to make my resume stand out… and make my website better…
I need a pro-devs advice… please. thanks!

online website:

Hi Ainne,

I am by no means a pro-dev but would like to give some feedback as I think even small progress or constructive criticism is good. Your page is responsive which is awesome and usually one of the first things people play around with. I would suggest giving a personal touch to your page, something that shows your personality. You could start with maybe a face picture so employers can put a face to the person behind the scenes.

In your projects section I like how you have made them cards and when you click on them it takes you to codepen where they are located. That is a good start but I would suggest putting those projects on Github and then linking them to Github with a button or however method you choose. Not only do you get practice with Github, but Github is seen as professional and they are able to see your code in an easier organized format. I would also create a link/button to a live preview version of your projects in the future. This is something I still must do with my personal portfolio page.

Contact info looks good although I would also create a copyright underneath it.

I think your work and contact links in the header are too far apart although it could just be my personal opinion.

Those are just a couple of things I see personally that would make your page stand out more. Good luck!

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thank you Randy! Some of my projects are hosted on githb. :wink:
I appreciate you honest feedback and thorough review. :):smiley:

I would cut the skills down to just coding skills. Coder experience is good, the admin stuff I would reduce to only things relevant to coding. Use the extra space for personal projects. Something from FCC where you can write like “built database,” “wrote API queries,” “built responsive website,” this sort of things.

Swap out a lot of your keywords and bullet points that don’t have to do with coding and replace them with coding stuff.

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Thanks Ethan! Your site looks amazing!!!

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if your eve in LA hit me up… would love to code with you or pick your brain on stuff.!

Will do! I’m always happy to connect and I reply quickly on LinkedIn as well.

I missed your portfolio the first time. I like the design and it’s responsive. The very bottom is a little off, though. Viewing on a iPhone 5s. Part of the “call me” text and icon overlap the red section. Looks very nice though.