Resume Question

Whenever you apply for a job, do you use pdf or .doc or .docx format for your resume?

If they don’t ask for a specific format, I typically use PDF—I feel that it’s more consistent across systems both in terms of support and having your resume displayed exactly as you intend them to.


I usually send PDF but there are times when I am asked to send a .docx. PDF also have less chance of being corrupted given many many users have different versions of Word or even Open Office…


I always submit as a PDF. It’s a more controlled file type. With doc/docx, the content can look different between versions of Microsoft Word, between Word on Mac versus PC, and I’ve had documents look fine for me before but when my wife looks at them on her computer all the Track Changes markup is there or weird formatting (and we have the same OS).

Word can be weird, so I always use PDFs given the option. It’s likely that anyone reviewing your resume will count any odd formatting or other visual quirks against you instead of assuming there’s a compatibility issue with the document. It might not be enough for them to decide not to pursue you for the position, but it will make them wary. Better safe than sorry.

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There is one more thing I am worried about is if you submit your application in job searching site like indeed, isn’t the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) cant read the pdf format and it automatically reject the resume.

Hm, I submitted a resume PDF in Indeed and it accepted it fine. I had to do a little cleanup work on it (Indeed’s resume converter isn’t perfect), I think, but it took it just fine. I’m not finding anything about Indeed having any formatting requirements either :thinking: . I’m not sure about other sites, though.