Resume questions

So I am transitioning from other field to tech field.

I started studying by myself and had questions regarding my resume.

  1. If I majored in management in undergrad, should I put it on my resume? I heard some people saying dont put it because it is not related to tech jobs.
  2. I am attending a crappy grad school that is little bit related to tech, MSCIS. Should I put that in my resume?
  3. I have past experiance that is not related to tech but I was a manager for a year and half. should my personal projects be placed on top of the work experiance?
  4. I was approached by a person that I knew when I was in college to make a website for a organization (something like American Physical Society but only 100 members) that meets twice a year to present new thesis, dissertation and research papers. should this be in my past experiance or my personal project?

thank you!

I am not a hiring manager, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
I think you should include your undergrad because having any college experience looks better than having none.
I don’t think you need to include grad school, since it’s unrelated, as you said.
#3 is a hard call. I understand why you want to put more relevant information higher up. I would give it a try for a month, then swap for a month and see what order gets you the most attention.
I would put this in the past experience section. As it stands now, you don’t have any relevant past experience, so putting anything in there would be great for you.

thank you so much! I’ll put the website making onto past experience section. For the school, I think I may have to update the question as the intended question was if I should show “Management” major after my school name as it is not related to software engineering (front-end). Do you think major showing " Master of Science in Computer Information Systems" not so related? I thought it would kinda let whoever reads my resume see little relevance.

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