Resume Review - Please Have a look!

After some great advice from this group, I have done a revamp of my resume. This version is to serve as the base version specifically for Ruby entry-level positions. Per the job I am applying for, I will make adjustments.

I feel it is a little boring. I appreciate any constructive advice and sincerely appreciate specific advice. Thank you for your time in reviewing my work

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Hi @greenking49 !

The only question is concerning your involvement with the open source projects.

I think it is great that you contribute to open source but it is not entirely clear what you contributed. You mentioned in your resume that you performed regular feature contributions.

Could you maybe specify which feature(s) you added to the site?

Right now both projects you listed have a lot of contributors and prospective employers don’t want to have to comb through a lengthy git history to find your contributions.

I think it would also help if you listed a project you did by yourself using ruby.

Hope that helps!

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@jwilkins.oboe thank you for your review!