Resume with Unfinished Bachelor

Hello everyone!
Can you please give me an advice of how to present my resume with my unfinished bachelor? It’s Software Engineering, and I had to drop out for 3 reasons. 1st, it was really far from my city, 2nd (linked to the 1st), I got to be the CEO of a Scientific Institute for Arabic Studies (it’s “family” business and I’ve been managing it technologically and financially for some years now) so I didn’t have time for this long travel, 3rd I realised that self-teaching is better for me (in this particular College). I do though want to continue my studies out of Greece (preferably to Europe as start) but I would like to have a job beside it.
I already have an offer for a tech academy (AKKA technologies) in which later I will be employed but I want to send them a resume and don’t know what to write in education.
Thank you for your answers in advance!!!

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Dropping out to concentrate on other things is understandable.
I would add these reasons to the opening statement (at the start of your Resume).