Retaining information?

Hey all!

Very new to the community. I’m currently trying to learn code during this crazy pandemic and I’m just nervous about how much I’m truly retaining? I take my notes and go through the challenges but I feel like I could be doing more to solidify the information.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed!

keep practicing, do not worry about remembering everything, make sure that the notes help you understanding stuff, and instead find a good documentation website that you like (,MDN Web Docs, etc), google stuff if the docs are not enough, learn to hate/love stackoverflow etc.
Some things that you use rarely you will always need to search, some stuff you will start remembering.

Developers are often googling stuff or consulting documentation, for any number of reasons (from not remembering how you do a drop down menu, to a new library that was never used before but it needs to be implemented right now…)

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Remember that learning to program is learning to do something. It’s not a piece of information, but a skill set. You don’t need to be able to remember everything. Think about the other skills or hobbies you have -knitting, speaking German, whatever - you gained them through experience, repetition, making mistakes and figuring out how to fix them.