Retired 74 year old camper earns his Front End Development cert

I found this really inspirational. This guy managed to stay motivated despite setbacks.


Thanks @QuincyLarson. My staying power has, probably, got lot to do with the community I am with.
Thanks for your dedication.


Amazing story … really enjoyed reading it … wow those first computers … and prices for adding things to them … first computer i ever had was an amiga 1200 … i messed around with it but didnt do much with it. in my late forties now (46) being messing around with computers long time now favorite program up until i got the coding bug has being excel … discovered coding … discovered excel had coding … liked excel more … now in the last 6mths to year decided to really focus and learn to code and discovered FCC and things are going great … great that your kids take time to help you hopefully when mine are all grown up (only 7 and 10) at moment … theyll be happy to spend time with me figuring things out i get stuck on. But again great story really enjoyed reading about your journey … keep pushing your boundaries … whats your plans for learning next,


Thank you @aBuzzLife

Thanks @JohnL3 for those encouraging words.
My twins got an Amiga for their birthday when they were 12. Actually I wanted it for graphics for my videos. PC was just rubbish for graphics.

I am pushing those boundaries very hard - just by doing FCC curriculum. Hoping to start on Data Visualization after short break. It looks to be quite hard.

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Congratulations @Mahesh-Codes on the Front-End Certification! You shared a wonderful story, thank you.

Its been quite a wonderful journey working in technology over the years. Amazing really looking back at the changes. I remember working on an instrument that used 8 inch single sided floppies, and buying a first gen IBM PC with no Hard Drive, just two 5.25 inch floppy drives, and working on the old 28 and 33 teletype machines, wonderful mechanical beasts!

When you really think about the changes, they are jaw-dropping.

I hope to be hearing some updates from you while you finish the Data Visualization Certificate part… cheers


@rickstewart. Thanks. How times have changed. I could just about afford a calculator when I was doing research for my masters. Slide rule was the constant companion.
At the university, it took 7 days to get a booking for 10 minutes of computing time. I needed to use the Curve Fitting program for some tests I was doing. It took half a day to get the data entered in a stack of Punch Cards. As I was carrying this stack of cards up the stairs, someone bumped in to me and I dropped the cards. As they were not indexed, another half day, entering the data.


@Mahesh-Codes smile - I just touched the edge of all that, after all I’m still a pup at 57 years of age… I took a Fortran course in grade twelve at a local University and they still used punch cards then, and I did have a slide rule and did learn to use it, but electronic calculators were starting to appear by the time I moved on to secondary education. I do remember that when our monthly power bill and phone bill arrived they were both printed out on punch cards. The good old days - not! But they are fond memories.