Retrieved the challenge

I did some challenges frontend, but the solution doesn’t appear anymore in the Map?
How can I got back the solution I want to read again my solution.
Thank you.

You should be able to find them on your profile instead of the map.

I did I mean the solutions are empty?
When I click on Accessing Nested Objects in JSON is redirect to :

Are you on mobile or desktop? On desktop you should see a view solution link. On mobile, the link is hidden and just gives you the link to the empty challenge.

on desktop and when I click on the link is redirect me to the map page :slight_frown:

It may have been renamed. I finished “Where art thou” some time ago, but when I checked my solution to it later I got redirected to the map instead. It turns out it has been renamed to “Wherefore art thou”.

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I think you’re right, @kevcomedia!

All is not entirely lost though. If you can read percent encoded url strings you can recover your solution :slight_smile:

Luckily, online parsers exist!

So, right-click the ‘view solution’ link and copy the link. Paste it into your trusty editor. From that copy everything that follows the solution part of the url query. Paste it into this: and then hit decode.

You should be able to get your solution back: