Return a Value from a Function with Return(output error?)

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whith this function i assume that the result should be 50and not 25??

I passed the test but i’m wondering

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// Example
function minusSeven(num) {
  return num - 7;

// Only change code below this line

function timesFive(numero) {
  return numero * 5;
var resposta = timesFive(10);

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Yes, it should. Is it outputting 25 somewhere?

(FYI, the testing suite passes a bunch of parameters beyond the one listed in the code you see in the editor).

yup at console that passes 25 everytime even if :

function timesFive(numero) {
return numero * 5;
var resposta = timesFive(0);


I suspect that you are being confused by this:

That box is only showing you the first test. See how it says timesfive(5)? That’s because it’s testing the output of the function when 5 is being passed as the argument, which should be 25. You can test the output of different values with console.log statements. I recommend using a tool like

For example:


ty mate :slight_smile: i aprecciate your help. i will save that link