Return an Array of Puppies

I got it to return an array containing the array of puppies stored in the object dogs{ }

But for some reason It wont accept it when I run the function against the tests.

Description of function I need to create:

This function takes an array of dogs in the format:
{breed: ‘Labrador’, puppies: [‘Fluffy’, ‘Doggo’, ‘Floof’] },
{breed: ‘Rottweiler’, puppies: [‘Biscuits’, ‘Mary’] }
It should return an array of all the puppies from all the dogs:
[‘Fluffy’, ‘Doggo’, ‘Floof’, ‘Biscuits’, ‘Mary’]

Here Is what I made

   function collectPuppies (dogs) {
    console.log("dogs   :   "  + dogs)
console.log("puppies  :   " + dogs.puppies)
    return  dogs.puppies;

Here is what I receive when I test it


dogs is an array, not an object
therefore to access any objects inside dogs, you will need a square bracket notation like

dogs[0] or dogs[1]

So I want to add each objects puppies to one big puppy array. But I dunno why it wont read the property of the object when I tried the following.

 function collectPuppies (dogs) {
    var arrayOfPuppers;

    function objectDogs (dog)



      { breed: 'Dalmation', puppies: [] },
      { breed: 'Rottweiler', puppies: [] }

This is your code above.
Do you see the square brackets at the start and end of the list? They look like this [ and ]
These indicate an array , not an object.
Therefore to access the array, you need something with square brackets like this:

dogs[0].puppies //this gives the first object’s puppies array