Returning after years away

Well, like the Title said, I been away from programming for a long long time, 4 years… I’m trying to get back into programming because the previous career change didn’t workout. (The grass was not greener on the other side situation)

But I been away for 4 years, I don’t remember anything anymore. So I enroll into CS50, man it is hard. I need a job soon, I don’t have time cause I’m also financially struggling. Is it possible that I try to get a job and work and relearn at the same time?

Very unlikely. (Maybe a paid internship?) If you are completely starting over, and have no portfolio with projects to show potential employers then mist employers may not consider you for the job without seeing any projects you built.

If you are looking to get a job in the next few months when you are starting from 0 then unfortunately thats not realistic. It would be different if you still had some knowledge , and had a dew projects already built. Programming is not a think that can be picked up quickly to be job ready. Its going to take a considerable amount of time

Then I’m in deep trouble, it’s not few months that I need to get a jobs, is next few weeks. I’ll be out of job by next month, and no financial backing nor saving.

Hey @jacobCP !

The software market is not in a good place right now.
There have been tons of layoffs so that means you will not only be competing with other juniors but also mids and seniors who were laid off.

While it is still possible to land a job as a self taught developer, the days of landing one quickly are gone.

There were times where the market was red hot and it was easier to land a job.
but this is a different season we are in and a lot of companies are struggling.

my advice to all hopeful developers, is that transitioning into tech will take longer then it has in the past.
if you are able to get some other non tech job, I would advise that.
I don’t know what part of the world you live in but if you could get a job driving for uber, lyft, doordash, working in food service or any other job that is hiring right now, I would advise that.

hope that helps

Yes if that job is a job you can get quickly and easily. That isn’t a programming job.

Learning development and being a programmer isn’t a “quick-fix” its a career filled with difficulties day to day and is a challenging career to get into. I would not try to get into it if your are in a time-crunch, it just wont happen.

Instead I’d focus on what’s immediately important and find some financial stability within the next few weeks to keep you afloat. A career switch can always happen down the line, but if you have no financial backings or savings now is easily the worst time to try to do a career pivot.

Stabilize your situation, and look back at it later. I wouldn’t say you are “running” from it, only putting it on pause.

ok, thank you for the advice.

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