Reusable Javascript Functions

I’ve been having trouble with this assignment, could someone help me out?

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function reuseableFunction() {
console.log("Hi World");


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Challenge: Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions

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What sort of trouble are you having? What are you expecting, and what’s happening instead?

The objective of the challenge is to create a function called “reusableFunction” which prints “Hi World” to the dev console. But when I run the test it says that “reusableFunction” should be a function and that “reusableFunction” should output “Hi World” to the dev console. I don’t really know how to output something to the dev console. Thanks for helping. I’m new to Javascript and I’m a little lost!

I figured it out! It was a typo…

check that all your spellings match, and match the required spelling

it is the most common error