Reuse Patterns Using Capture Groups ##1


Can someone please explain the numbering system in this challenge? Thanks.

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let repeatNum = "42 42 42";
let reRegex = /change/; // Change this line
let result = reRegex.test(repeatNum);

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hello camper, captrue group is used to facilitate the search ,because some patterns some times are repeatead ,so it would be wastefull if you try to repeat regular expressions .


let repeatStr = "regex regex"; \\here regex is repeated so we should use captrue group
let repeatRegex = /(\w+)\s\1/; \\ this is what they did here  (\w+) =to match string regex  \s = to match space \1= means  this  groupe one refers to regex ,because it is repeated
repeatRegex.test(repeatStr); // Returns true
repeatStr.match(repeatRegex); // Returns ["regex regex", "regex"]

and remember to put the capture group between parantheses.