Reverse a String, the solution isn't saved (a bug?)

Not sure where I should report it, I leafed through my completed challenges and found out that, despite this one was marked as completed, my solution wasn’t saved (it’s saved for the other challenges), so I added the code again (return str.split("").reverse().join(""); if somebody is interested) and resubmitted it, after leaving the page and opening it again the solution was gone again. I mean it’s not a big deal but it looks as a bug…

I think that’s done purposefully, so that you can redo old challenges. If you go to your profile, and view the challenges from there, you’ll be able to see your solutions.

huh, i have checked some more and apparently there are some basic algorithm solutions that are gone when you open them from the map page and some that remained

yeah, it is indeed there when i open it from the profile, i didn’t know it

still it looks kind of inconsistent…

That’s never happened to me(at least I don’t remember if it has). It could be a bug.

If you want, you can open an issue on GitHub:

Also keep in mind the solutions are not saved on the FCC server-- rather on your local machine as a ‘cookie’. Thus if for whatever reason you either deleted/blocked cookies from the site recently your solution will not be saved.

If you have successfully passed a challenge, your solution is saved on the FCC servers. You can go to your Profile and see all your completed solutions. I can delete all my cookies and my solutions will still show up on my profile.

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After completing a challenge, I believe your solution is saved to your profile while uncompleted solutions are only cookies. All my JavaScript challenges from the map are reset, but if I want to access one of my solutions, I can do so from my profile. If for some reason some of your solutions have remained after completing, it is probably because they are still in your cookies. Try clearing your cookies, and your map should be reset.

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well, i see, thanks
it’s kind of strange why the map solutions are stored as cookies when they are already stored on the server but w/e