Reverse Engineer Example: Build Portfolio Page

Hello, rule 3 in the video says to reverse engineer the example. When I try to view the code for the example, which I can only view on codepen as far as I know, I get the codepen code for the entire codepen page, rather than the code that the author used to create the portfolio page. Anyone know how I can view the code for the example?


  1. Reverse Engineering just means that you try to figure out how it is written. It doesn’t necessarily mean you see the code itself.

  2. It IS possible to see the code. Just press the “Change View” on upper right corner of the CodePen.

  3. You also can see the code if you use developer’s console in the browser. (I usually open it up by right-clicking on the website and ‘inspect’ it.) Please do not just copy the code, but learn how to do it on your own. Good luck.

Thanks. Yes, I did plan on writing my own code, but just wanted to use it as a learning tool.

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you can see code, but you wont understand it.

It’s make that way that beginners don’t understand it, and that they write their own code instead.

That’s the big point of challenge.

Of course, haha. I did try Change View to full screen, but somehow missed the obvious answer that editor view shows the code, despite having created a tribute page in that view. Oh well, thanks for your help.

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Yeah, I’m up for the challenge. I was hoping to gain some knowledge, even if just a tiny bit. My page will probably be very different anyway.