Reverse string challenge

Hi guys i am stuck on this challenge

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function reverseString(str) {
var rev = "";
for(var i = str.length -1; i >= 0; i--){
 return str;


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Challenge: Reverse a String

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What do you expect this line to do?

return the new string

return str literally says “return the str variable”. What is stored in str?

hello but needs to be reversed to olleh

So return str can’t possibly work, since it returns “hello”.

so what should i return if not str??

You probably don’t want to return anything inside of the loop. If you have a return statement inside of the loop, it will only run once.

Where is your logic for actually reversing the order of the letters in the string?

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Hi @columbuschidozie1 !

I think it would help if you wrote out in english the steps for solving this problem.
Then you can slowly translate that into code.

That approach will help you clean up the logic for your code.

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you mean split() of reversing string??

split() doesn’t reverse anything. It splits a string into an array.

Currently, you

  1. Declare a variable rev as an empty string (don’t use var! Only use const or let)

  2. split() the str and throw away the result

  3. Set up a for loop from i = str.length - 1 to i === 0 with i decreasing. (Again, no var!)

  4. Inside of the loop, immediately return the original str

That doesn’t reverse anything.

So… what is your plan. Not your code, but your plan. How would you do this, in plain English? What are you trying to make the code do, step by step?

i know this sucks.but honestly speaking i dont know how to do this in plain English

how exactly do i do this???

We aren’t going to tell you exactly how to do this. That does not help you learn how to code at all!

Lets look at this sentence:
The dog jumped over the cat

Which word in this sentence is the longest?

jumped is the longest

How do you know?

because it has six letters

This sort of intuitive thing that you can just see is exactly what computers don’t understand.

To teach a compute how to do that, you would need to tell it how to split up a sentence and count word lengths. You need to start making small steps the computer can understand.

Same thing here.

What is the reverse of the word: apples

How do you know?

selppa because it was reversed

How did you do that though? Pretend I’ve never reversed a string before in my life. I want to learn how to do that!