Reverse string challenge

i wrote down apples and rewrote it starting from the last word s down to the begining of the letter a

Ok. That sounds reasonable.

So you started with


Then you put down a


and then where does the E go?

on reverse E falls on the second letter

Ok, well that makes sense.

This loop seems to go through the word backwards. How do I get letters out of a string?

loop through starting from index zero

I understand that we want a loop. But your loop doesn’t seem to be doing anything that looks like getting letters and writing them down. So how do you get a letter from the string?

chart()?? are my correct??

I’m not familiar with the chart() method.

Instead of guessing syntax, it is better to look up syntax:

yaa. i remembered now bracket notation

Hi @columbuschidozie1,

Just to give an information which i feel you should know.


The above line of does not mean anything unless you store the results into a variable.
Because, Strings in JavaScript are immutable. This means that you cannot modify an existing string, you can only create a new string.


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Gotcha sorry about that…

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