Review (and help) of my random quote machine

Hey, hope you guys are well. Here’s my random quote machine, i’d aprecciate if you would take a look at it and send me some feedback. Sorry if they seem a little repetitive, i added the quotes “manually” and there are 10 for each button at the time of writting (i’m currently adding more).
Also, my share buttons doesn’t quite work as they should. I don’t understand well how you share the current quote using the personalized code of each social network. I managed them to share the link to the app itself, not it’s content. If you could help me with that, i’d be super grateful.

Link -

PD: English isn’t my first language, so sorry for any typos or bad writing in my post.

It would be a bit better if everything didn’t fade out and back in when you click on one of the 2 buttons. I’d change it do that just the text and color would fade out/in.

Great advice man, thank you very much. I tried it and you were right, it’s much better that way, i’ll leave it like that.