Review and suggestions on my tribute webpage

It would be really helpful if you took
a look at my website and give your feedback.

Hello @Debbarma2000, Firstly Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp Forums!
Secondly, Good Job on your Tribute webpage, I like it.

Just a tip: if you want your header or banner to start at the very top of the page, use this little trick at the very top of your CSS :

  margin: 0;

This usually happens because the browser comes with pre-formatted styles. Therefore using this little snippet code, resets the browser styles before you add your custom CSS to the webpage. Hope you understand. There other ways of doing this. I suggest you look up this post: Should we use CSS Reset?

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I am also a newbie, So can’t give much of a feedback but I think you can choose a background which takes less attention as it gets hard sometimes to differentiate between main content and background because of the writing in the background. Overall, The site is very well made. Good Job!

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Thanks for the tip, that was something that I have trying to overcome.

Sure, I will keep that in mind for future projects

Welcome to the forums @Debbarma2000. Your page looks good. A couple of things to revisit;

  • You have a <content> tag right after your header element that you should get rid of. That tag was deprecated.
  • The script for the tests should be before the closing body tag.
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links.
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Looks great, but like someone said above, it is a bit busy. Maybe have that awesome background just behind the image and not behind your text. I really do love your page! Makes mine look so sad! Great job!

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Hi! I would suggest learning about the concept of the so-called “negative space”. Blank space plays a big role in web design. If you look at modern websites, they almost always have margins to the right and to the left, just like your regular newspaper. Of course every rule has exceptions, but I’d really love to see more negative space on your page.

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I shall look that up. Thanks for the suggestion @petajamaja