Review dom manipulation by building a rock paper scissors game - Step 3

Hi guys.
I think my code works good in this step, Can you tell me is there anything wrong with my code?

function getRoundResults(userOption) {
  const computerResult = getRandomComputerResult();

  return (hasPlayerWonTheRound(userOption, computerResult)) ? Player wins! ${userOption} beats ${computerResult} + " " +playerScore++

  : (userOption === computerResult) ? It's a tie! Both chose ${userOption}

  : Computer wins! ${computerResult} beats ${userOption} + " " + computerScore++


I get an error.

btw I did it with if statement and it worked well. I think my code work good and I just shouldn’t use Multiple Ternary Operator in this step.

You need to put your strings in quotes

Oops! You are right! thank you for your feedback, I have to be more careful.