Review For Personal Portfolio Page

Hey guys, just completed my Personal Portfolio Webpage project, i would like to get feedback on this.


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Hey Ezekiel,
Design and color scheme is great.
Works well on all devices.
Overall, great work.:+1:

Thanks @aditya_p , really appreciate the feedback

I would not use Math.round function in your currency converter project like

let newdata = Math.round(data[query].val * amount);

but i would limit the result to 2 decimals

let newdata = (data[query].val * amount).toFixed(2);

Hey there,

Looks really nice - good work! I like the simple, minimalist design. A couple of things to think about:

  • When you hover over your skills, it looks to me like they are links (I tried to click on them). This might be a bit confusing.

  • I would centre the skills (plus your contact methods look slightly off-center to me)

  • Are you going to be adding images for your projects? I think it looks nicer with an image :slight_smile:

  • When you click on the projects link at the top, it drops down but covers up the ‘projects’ title. I had this problem recently too! @raddevon helped me out here:
    Feedback on my portfolio please :)

Thanks @sorinr, would correct that. Appreciate the feedback.

Thanks @paul_dee, i actually had the last issue with most of my projects, would work on correcting the suggestions you made…

Really appreciate your feedback.

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Yup me too! I am still having the issue with my product landing page and this fix doesn’t sort it out. Its on my list of bugs to fix…