Review for classroom "Dive into Front-End"

I wanted to review the classroom offering called “Dive into Front-End” which is described as an HTML/CSS/JS class. The review is possibly early because I just started it and perhaps I will downgrade or upgrade the rating later.

For now though, this class is not suitable for beginners who don’t know HTML or CSS. The exercises do not give any guidance on how to use the markup languages or which commands do what. They just tell you to ‘create a link’ or ‘an ordered list’ without saying how to do it. Also there is no immediate feedback mechanism for whether you did it correctly or not. And when you are going through it, it doesn’t have a way to ask for help as FCC’s ‘ask for help’ button. You have to open a separate window to the forums to discuss there.

However, I think this is a very useful ‘post-fcc’ type class because it gives you a chance to practice what you learned in the FCC classes. That is, because no hints or examples are given (until you start typing and you see errors in the editor), you have to rely on your ‘wits’ to figure out which html/css command you need and what you should be typing.
I haven’t gotten to the JS libraries section yet but I assume I will struggle most with those since I’ve relied so heavily on the FCC curriculum samples to write code so far. So, good times ahead!