Review for this website :D

I got this psd file and coded it, even though i’m a beginner, give me your honest opinion and what could have been better and what to change and what not etc…

Hi! Looks great, I love the modern design, the graphics, etc. Your navigation bar at the top doesn’t appear to be working. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not…but it looks like you could make those link to the different parts of your page. I’m happy to help if you want to link them, or not!

Thank you for your review. I was only trying to turn the psd file into the front-end code, focusing on the process and results without " perfectionism "…and yeah I wasn’t planing on making the links actually link to the different places in the page, but I would like to do that now that you’ve mentioned it. So how can I do that :slight_smile:

Ok…well, this might get a little complicated. So looking at mine, it looks like I did mine a bit different, so not sure if my way will work for you. But here it is: I used id’s, so for each section, (home, portfolio, contact, etc.) at the BEGINNING of each section, whether thats the picture, or background, or text, place an id there. Saying anything, really. I used a1, b2, c3, and d3, because if you want to style them in css, you need a letter starting your id. If you’re not styling it in css, you can just use numbers. I saw you have some id’s anyway, but wasn’t sure what you were using them for. Then, in the nav bar, under href="#", put your id number or id word, or whatever you have where you had the #. An I think that’s it. Let me know if you need any more help, or help understanding me :no_mouth:

Yeah! It worked just fine, all I did is make the links in the nav like so: <a href="#clients">Clients</a> or <a href="#contact">Contact</a> etc… using the ids of the sections, (and also I gave the sections ids so I can style them in css), Thanks man, but one last thing since you’ve offered help, how do I make animation for that, like when clicking on <a href="#clients">Clients</a> it will take the scroll…how can I do that? and thanks again!

Umm, not sure what you’re asking. Animate the scroll? Can you put it in different words, lol. Sorry, not tracking with you :confused:

yeah like when you click on a link in the navbar, it takes you to its place but with animation…kinda like this one trying clicking one a link there.

You can use jQuery’s animate function. Something along the lines of

$('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $('#' + $(this).text().toLowerCase()).offset().top - 20 }, 500);

The selector for the scrollTop will be whatever you want to scroll to. The offset gets the position of the element you’re scrolling to. top is the top of the element :slight_smile: Ignore the -20, it’s an adjustment I was making in my code.

Hope that makes sense.

Yeah, I haven’t done this, but another guy (here’s his page: did it, and I commented that I liked the scroll speed, etc. and he said it was done in jQuery. It looks like @zaclem01 has the solution! Thanks, I’ll probably be using this as well.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: