Review JavaScript Fundamentals by Building a Gradebook App - Step 3

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Hello Friend,
I’m really lost on this passing grade, please kindly help me.

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function getAverage(scores) {
  let sum = 0;

  for (const score of scores) {
    sum += score;

  return sum / scores.length;

function getGrade(score) {
  if (score === 100) {
    return "A++";
  } else if (score >= 90) {
    return "A";
  } else if (score >= 80) {
    return "B";
  } else if (score >= 70) {
    return "C";
  } else if (score >= 60) {
    return "D";
  } else {
    return "F";

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let score = true;
let grade = false;
function hasPassingGrade(score) {
  if (score === 100) {
    return " A,true";
  } else {
    return "F,false"


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Review JavaScript Fundamentals by Building a Gradebook App - Step 3

You should not use any global variables. Also, your return values don’t match what is required by the instructions.

I have removed the global variables the code did not pass.

Right, because you also need to change your return values. What did the instructions say the function needs to return again?

I really appreciate your concern, I have removed the A and F remain only true/false but not pass.

Is true/false being returned as a string or Boolean?

it return as Boolean

What is your current code?

my current code is
function hasPassingGrade(score) {
if (score === 100) {
return “true”;
} else {
return “false”;

When returning a boolean, you don’t use quotation marks. Instead you just use, for example:

return true;

The above returns a boolean value. What you currently have returns a string with the text “true” instead of the VALUE true. Hope that makes sense.

Also make sure you have the correct amount of opening and closing brackets {} for your function and the if/else statement

In addition to the above post, you need a condition that verify all the passing grades. Currently you have set the condition for only maximum score of grade.
What is the score for passing grade, did you know?