Review my basic food landing page

i need a quick review on this for the bootcamp im doing

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I’m not a pro, but looks like you have only one page, showing multiple times, and it seems to be Order page. Design is good, but it could be better. I’d do some kind of form for ordering/. Home Page could have something like basic info about the company (here you can easily use Lorem ipsum text, which will work just fine), Menu page could have some photos or products offering with their price and some description. Design and animations are good, but site overall could be better! :smiley:

Nice landing page. Perhaps make the font for the menu a little bigger as I personally feel like it’s a little easy to miss. Or get rid of the menu completely. I mean the “order now” button is the same as the “order” option. Also the order button can just lead to the menu later on.

It looks nice on a wider screen but it is not responsive for mobile devices.

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