Review my first "real" website?

Hi all,

I made my first website for an actual client. It isn’t much, and it needs work, but I’d love to get some feedback from you guys if you have time.



According to where I am, the URL hasn’t propagated to my ISP’s domain name server. Or at least, it doesn’t resolve to an IP.

Is this a domain you’ve just registered?

EDIT: Never mind, your URL is bad. use instead. Note the www, it doesn’t know to resolve “no domain” to the www. prefix.

Interesting. I can get to it on my devices using that URL. Is that normal? I do have connected but now that I check on my console it says that it “Needs setup”

Be careful – your pretty home page image overlays your menu, rendering it inaccessible. I would bump the div containing the image down below the div containing the nav element.

Here’s something on stackOverflow that might help, assuming you have access to the .htaccessfile

It is because you are not rewriting http to https

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