Review my GoT Random Quote Machine

Please Review my Game of Thrones Random Quote Machine, I watch a lot of TV Series, one of them is GoT, So when I found out that I’m gonna be making a Quote generator, GoT is the only I can think of because of some inspiring, creepy and funny quotes from the show. In this project I am consuming a JSON file from an endpoint and created another JSON file on github for the character images. Some of the images sometimes does not show because of authentication(I guess). Any thoughts will be apprecitated! Thank you! :smile:

PS: Review also my TiVa Tribute Page

One suggestion which will improve performance is only make the call to one time (as the page loads) to build an applicable object of characters/images. Then, you can use the object to reference the image to display. You could go a step further by preloading the images of all the characters behind the scenes with JavaScript. That way, when there will not be a delay (waiting for the image to download) the first time a character’s image is shown.

The only other comment I have is to not make the font color of the quote/twitter button text so dark and remove the underline also.

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