Review my JS calculator if you'd like

Hey everyone, I’d like to get some feedback on this project. Any feedback provided, negative or positive, will be greatly appreciated. Here is the link
The numeric buttons, the dot button and the operation buttons are keyboard enabled.
I have noticed 2 bugs so far :

  • On IE pressing the Enter key won’t do anything till you have pressed the ‘=’ button on the calculator once.
  • Rarely the enter key breaks and pressing it returns 0 instead of the normal result you’d expect to see till you refresh the page. Hitting the ‘=’ key on the keyboard or the ‘=’ button on the calculator will still return the correct result regardless. Don’t know how to recreate this.

Thanks a lot for your time.


I can’t recreate your bugs (don’t have my full keyboard present) and I don’t have IE at all, but I like your app a lot. It looks nice and avoids a lot of the more common bugs, like being able to enter multiple operators.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback friend. Cool profile pic too :slight_smile:

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Cool design. I’m on FCC with my iPhone, and all the buttons don’t stay within the calculator. I know this for the web, but if you wanted to challenge yourself to fix it to be the same for mobile, that could be a fun task for you!

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Thanks a lot for your feedback joel, appreciated. That’s kinda weird since opening devtools and accessing the device toolbar so I can see how the calculator looks in mobile devices I don’t seem to be having this button issue so that probably means the device toolbar doesn’t do exactly what I thought it did. I intend to fix the issue as practice for responsive design as soon as I do some research on how I can recreate it.