Review my personal portfolio project

I just finished another version of my FCC personal portfolio and I would like to have everyone’s honest opinion on it.

Here it is:

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i really like your portifolio page, remember mine when i do.
highly responsive, thats good.

Hey there, I would recommend adding some kind of pictures to your portfolio - either screen caps or pictures used to describe the app that you’re linking to. I do like the idea of hiding the blurb, but you need to remember that in order for your portfolio site to be successful, you need to HIGHLIGHT the actual portfolio. That means bragging about what you did, and showing off your skills as a developer.

A couple small things I would include - some padding for all sections. Currently, your text is sitting at the box’s edge. Give the text some space to breath. Also, include links to your Codepen and Github in a Footer section below the Contact portion.

Overall, you did an incredible job. The header is beautifully done and the hover effects on your portfolio section works great. I also love how to backgrounds are appropriate, and they stick with the black and white theme, but aren’t very distracting. Great choices!