Review my Player registration form

Hey guys ! I am Iftekhar Riyad. I am new at fcc .I’ve just finished my project(Player-registration-form).It’ll be great if you review my page( in advance

Hey Iftekhar! You have made a quite nice, basic survey form. I think basic stuff is alright with it and it seems to scale well with the screen size. Maybe being more playful with the design could make it better but it does what it should :slight_smile:

As for the code, I noticed that you have put your description text inside a (probably unclosed?) <label> tag. Label is commonly used with form elements so maybe a basic <p> tag would be better. Not a big deal though! Also consider sizing your textarea using rows and cols instead of height and width.

Thanks @finna for you review !! i’ll keep in mind your suggestions .Really apreciate it!