Review my Portfolio Page!

Hey y’all! This is my portfolio page! It took three complete restarts and a few hours at, but I finally finished! Please leave any feedback. If you hate it, let me know, if you love it, let me know. Any feedback is appreciated.

First of all WOW! You are only 13 year old and already in development. You guys are going to give us old folks some tough competition.

I just started my portfolio project.

About your web the feedback is try to give a solid white background to header so that your name don’t show over image when you scroll.

I will give more feedback later as it’s quite late in my place. Once again good job.

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me :smile:

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As a fellow young developer, Great Job!
It looks like you are using images for your links to your social media profiles. If this is not the case, disregard this post.

For a cleaner look for your social media icons have a look here for some great icons that are easy to implement!

Thanks! I will definitely check those out.