Review my Portfolio!

Finished redoing my portfolio. Let me know what you think!

Your Simon game does not work properly. I hear tones but no buttons light up to know which buttons to click in sequence. I am using Windows 8.1 and the latest version of Chrome browser.

Hi Dawson,

Here’s the new one. I completely forgot to include it in the original.

Thanks for the feedback!

There is still some kind of bug in the game, because I was playing it correctly and gave the correct button presses, but then it started giving me the skulls and then froze and had to click start again.

That’s odd, around what level did it happen?

Around level 4 or 5 I think.

I think I figured out what is causing the issue. If before the next sequence starts, I accidentally press a button, then it records that extra button press as part of my answer and starts showing crossbones. You should probably make it so a user can not press any buttons until the new sequence has been played.

Also, I am not sure I like the happy faces showing on ALL the squares after each correctly pressed button. To me, it should only show the happy face on the button that was most recently pressed correctly or just wait until the end when the entire sequence has been entered correctly.

Also, I noticed your Simon game does not automatically repeat the sequence if it is entered wrong.

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Thanks for taking the time to bug check, I appreciate it.

I made it so that the array that contains your input is reset after every “boop”. Seems to have fixed the problem.

Made it so that smileys only show on levelup and added a replay on incorrect submission.

The design with the menu on the left is clean and simple, especially with the classy black and white theme. As a website, it’s effective in getting the point across to the user.

As a portfolio, I would jazz it up just a bit. Put some margins between the <li>s in the portfolio. Give the links some breathing room so the potential client knows exactly what they’re clicking on. You might want to think about adding an image of the site so they have a general idea.

You should also remove the projects that are under construction. They can view those on your Github, but it’s unprofessional on a portfolio site.

I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but the menu disappears when the window is smaller (mobile devices)?

Take these tips with a grain of salt. I don’t know if this is a portfolio you’re sending out to a potential client or recruiter. I’m just spitballing ideas! If there’s one thing I would definitely add, it would be a target="_blank" attribute to your portfolio links so they pop up in a separate window.

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Thanks for the feedback drregg6,

Removed the under construction projects, spaced out the list elements and added the new window clicks as per your suggestions!

The disappearing menu is intentional, I was thinking about using a hamburger menu for mobile navigation but wasn’t sure what the best way to implement it was. Do you have any suggestion regarding best practices?

This isn’t something I’m going to send out just yet.

More feedback is welcome!

Woo, the portfolio is a lot easier to use now!

I utilize Bootstrap’s hamburger menu for mobile navigation. Check it out, but I would understand your hesitation from cluttering your clean CSS with Bootstrap

Cheers drregg6!

I’ll see if I can copy a snippet of Bootstrap’s CSS just for the hamburger menu :slight_smile: