Review my random quote machine pls

Some feedback will be appreciated.

Uh, just a few notations:

  • I like the box design. I really like it ^^ Shadows, colors, layout - very well done!
  • A title would be nice ^^ I don’t know how this will impact on your aesthetic considerations but it’s a good thing to have.
  • A tiny issue: the twitter button tweet the first quote ( the one that appears on loading) not the actual one
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So, i checked the twitter issue and it appears to be working. Tested with chrome browser, both mobile and web. Could be a browser issue. Will include a title. Thanks for the input, means a lot.

Uhm…i’m using Opera and the issue is still there, but i noticed a ‘Popup blocked’ in the address bar. I opened your pen with mozilla and it opens a windows for each quote you’ve seen :open_mouth: