Review My Random Quote Machines

I can’t share the Quote on social media until i have a link of the page , how can i do that without sharing the whole page link because i just need the text of the quote, any ideas?

When you assign the random quote and author to the page (inside the on ‘click’ callback function, then could assign a link to the href attribute of each social media link. You just have to make sure you have the correct social media links which will allow you to post text to them. You will need to research what those links should be.

I like the design. I see you did not try to call an API. That’s fine but I would recommend using objects rather than 2 arrays to store the quotes / names.

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i will still keep updating all the projects , when i go further in the course , thanks for your feedback

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Note that sharing on Facebook is much more difficult than sharing on Twitter. I tried with my friend and there was no way (we found) to send a custom message into the share link.

actually, it was hard to me either, then i shared the linke with the quote above of it and that’s it