Review my Small Py Project and Suggestions!

Hey Everyone, I started writing a small project couple of days ago. Link Here script-link.

Here is the link of the output till now output-email-link

Here what it does.

  1. The script fetches data from the API based on the user input.

  2. The User is asked for its name, email address, and state and district for which it wants to get covid19 daily updates.

  3. Once the user has filled the inputs, the script will send a mail to the user input address with a tabular HTML attachment showing all the details about the state and district on that day.

Here what I want to do further :

  1. Build a simple webpage using Django/Flask with input fields taking the name, email, state, and district.

  2. The user can subscribe for one-time email-notification

  3. Or, the user can subscribe to getting notifications every day at a particular time.

Please go through my small project and let me know what do you think should I improve/add and do give some suggestions regarding how should I proceed next with the webpage part.

Please note that the API has only details about the states and districts of India.

@swarup113 Your project seems like a great idea!
How will you send the email to people?
I would love to review your project but I am getting an error message.
It would be better to have a live version of the application running on PythonAnywhere or Heroku.

Thanks for this suggestion Brandon, I will surely deploy it live.