Review my survey form. hosted in github

Hello fellow developers, i recently finished my survey form after 5 hrs of headache with layout. I hosted it with GitHub the link is this I will be glad if you can take out 10mins of your time to review it and give me feedback on what to amend. You can aswell give me a thumbs up if you love the work.
Thanks in advance.

Happy coding !!!

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Did you go through the FCC curriculum? I ask because of your choice of construction methods.

Use label element with for attribute instead of p.

Get the test script.

Finish capitalizing and spacing words.

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Visually this doesn’t look bad and is usable for me on a desktop screen. I like the fixed-header on scroll.

As @tlc35us noted there are some issues with your code. When building forms it’s important to consider accessibility (how people navigating with a keyboard, or with the aid of screen-readers.)

The a11y project accessibility checklist is a great resource for learning the basics. Applying these standards will improve your code quality and the experience for people using your form (for example: clicking a label with the proper for=“YourInputId” attribute will focus the related input.)

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thank you, i ve fixed your observations.

happy coding!!

Thanks for your review. i ve fixed the accessibility issues.

I’ll check back later. The changes haven’t shown up yet in github

will appreciate that

hi @p-gold, it looks okay but some things you should revisit;

  • It’s not realistic that it only takes 2 for an age. Make a more realistic age range
  • make it so users can click the labels, not just the radio buttons/checkboxes
  • change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over submit
  • leave the test script in your code
  • make it responsive, it doesn’t look good on smaller screens

ok, will make the amendments,. but please help me out with this with live examples on how i can fix it.

  • make it so users can click the labels, not just the radio buttons/checkboxes

how can i go about this as well

  • leave the test script in your code


I will check it later, just want to follow this thread