Review my Technical Documentation Page

Hey guys,

I just finished my first Technical Documentation Page. :smiley:
What do you think?
There is something worth to modify or something?

[Landing Page]

Thank you!


One thing I immediately noticed was that some of the content on the right was pushed ‘underneath’ your vertical navbar on the left.

#main-doc {
  position: absolute;
  margin-left: 20%;

From your CSS here, I made a little adjustment to one of the values which fixed that problem (The change I made isn’t shown here; the above code snippet is the original code).
Overall, I would say work a little more on mobile responsiveness and you should be good.

Not sure if the images really need to resize when I mouse over them.

This starts happening at smaller widths:

I like the blue underline on the nav-bar when I mouse over the links but it feels incomplete. I think it’s mainly because it doesn’t come in from all the way on the left side but then it exits out the left side. Very minor detail though.

@Monesz The hover zoom effect on the images is very distracting. I feel it is unnecessary.

Thank you willjw3 :smiley:
I`ll try to sort this out.

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Thank you saclark12000 :smiley:
I`ll try to sort this out.

Yes. I agree with you brandon_wallace. I wanted to add some effect to the picture. Do you have any idea?

Maybe transform: rotate(10deg). Or something like that, and maybe with a different degree.

@Monesz You make it so that each image turns into a modal window of the same image in a larger size. This is so that the views can get a detailed look at the picture. Put a X for a button to close the modal window. Adding a modal to the project is a nice fun challenge if you have not done it before.

Woah! a tech doc on photoshop!
nobody but you (and a few other people) would think of this!!
I like the curved line that holds the link buttons.


Hey @brandon_wallace , I think I know what you mean, which is a great idea. I think I will make this change on the page in the future. :smiley: Thanks.

Thanks, @ConnerOw1115 :smiley: