Review my tic-tac-toe project

Hi, all.

Finally finished my tic-tac-toe game for front-end track. Enjoy!



Built using HTML, SCSS, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and the Materialize libary.


Current functionalities include:

  • An unbeatable AI implemented using the Minimax algorithm.
  • A sassy AI ‘avatar’ who makes comments before and after every move.
  • Choose to play as X or O.
  • Start a new game after the current game is finished.
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Nicely Implemented, with a story. I liked it.

Really cool. I’ll definitely check the source code later.

I’ve done one myself 6 months ago but its not as beautiful :weary:

Very good I literally just created my tic-tac-toe app just now. In total love of the presentation. I really liked the visual display after to show who won and also the sassy AI.

@geligelu Do you mind if I take some of your ideas and implement them in my project?

Hi, @thomas - the code is under an MIT License on Github, so you’re free to do what you want with it, as long as acknowledgement is given to me for whatever you use. :slight_smile:

Share your results after so I can see how you innovated on top of it :slight_smile:

@geligelu This is really cool.I am struggling with implementing minimax in my tic-tac-toe myself. Hope soon to finish it and the next project, so I can start with react.