Review Ninja's Portfolio #2

Hay there campers. Been a while since my last post here. Since then I’ve redone my portfolio website. I’m not a designer and have no aspirations towards it, I followed a template with some adjustments to fit me.

Let me know what you think. What’s good and what could be improved.
Thank You

First thing that jumps out at me, there is a big horizontal scroll bar as I narrow my browser. I hate to say it, but this is an automatic fail nowadays. Your page must be responsive.

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I wouldn’t use a Wix template for a developer portfolio. That just sends the wrong message.

@lasjorg Why? Can you explain?

The site’s nice. It looks good.

The responsiveness is definitely issue. Also, the blue color, when used repetitively is too bold. It’s a good accent color, buy you might want to experiment with using multiple tones of that blue on one page:

I uploaded your palette here: Create a Palette - Coolors at



You can experiment with different HEX codes on this site.

Because you’re a developer. Using Wix feels a bit like a cook serving a takeout meal.

A portfolio page doesn’t have to be super fancy. It just needs to be professional and to the point. I’m sure you can handcraft such a page.

There is nothing wrong with borrowing a design but you have to implement it yourself. Or at the very least use something like a Next.js template and do some modifications (or something equivalent to that). Show some effort and use the portfolio page as part of your portfolio of projects.

Also, as already pointed out the template is completely unresponsive. That is just not going to fly on a developer portfolio.

@lasjorg Thank you for your feedback

It’s funny. I’ve spent so much time looking at the site I can’t tell if it looks good or bad.
I’ll see how it looks when the shades/tones of blue are changed up.

Thank you

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