Review of my first website


Can i get some constructive critique of my first website? This project is for a small business. My design skills are pretty much non-existent and would love to get some advice on how to make it appear nicer. You dont have to play nice ; )


Nice! Maybe add a contact form instead of just tel:111-111-1111? On my laptop I really can’t get in touch with just a number. Also, possibly add an image background instead of the blue at the top, and some more reviews with a sliding animation.

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Good Job

Some Advice

1: Make “contact us” text bigger
2: Use bigger icons for drop-off, pick-up and pay
3: Bring Pricing, Laundry & Blankets in same div ( keep border )

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Appreciate it, thanks!

Looks really nice.

Are they going to need control over the content or a storefront? If so, I would suggest investigating WordPress (or any other CMS). I know that PHP is outside of the scope of FCC (as well as being an awful language by all accounts), but it might be looking into if they need the functionality.

Overall, great design and seems to function well!

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Hi, nice website you made! Its simple and well designed.
But I have one question how did you made this wide section where is written “Wash & Fold”?

boostrap jumbotron.

<div class=container>
  <div class=jumbotron>
    wash & fold

Very nice coloring and contrast, however like others mentioned, you need the Contact Portion to be a little larger