Review of my portfolio

Finally got around to updating some of the bugs on my portfolio. I haven’t got a chance to switch out my new projects but would love to hear your feedback especially on the look of it . The harsher the better with critiques.

Thank You to All


Hi, I like your page, it has interesting effects in the header section and navigation menu, smooth scrolling and customized scrollbar and you used React and Webpack.
What about to align the arrows to the center in the Project menu? It looks like they fall down.
Could you tell me how did you do pictures in the header? Are there two pictures, one of them in the background and one of them in the img tag?
How did you do smooth scrolling?

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For the smooth scroll - window.scrollto [position] with behaviour smoothScroll and use a pollyfill to make sure it works in all browsers. You can check mozilla for more on smoothScroll and CAN I USE and POLLYFILLS are your best friend when it comes to browser compatibility. Just search for both.

You are right about the image. It is the same image on top of each other with the one on the bottom having background attachment fixed.
Background-attachment is tricky because it doesn’t have much mobile browser support for any other property value than local.

Customized scroll bar is tricky to because browser support is tricky with this as well.

Thank You for giving me another perspective on the Project Menu arrows.

IF you feel you have pretty much the basics down css, html, and some small scripts, Start using analytics as soon as possible. Of course the software has a learning curve but the very basic setup is copying a script to put on your page.

The analytics is why we do this in the first place.Tracking clicks, users, traffic etc. to make better business decisions.

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good portfolio site, projects don’t folow in quality. it’s obvious you’re good. so it should transpire in projects more than portfolio page. get rid of calculator, weather and such simple apps. you won’t get hired for that. show apps that use psql / mongo with maybe a react or vue front using axios or graphql idk… get creative.

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Needed to here that. You have just help to consolidate my focus.

This is what I noticed about your website.

  1. It is smart that you put the noscript message into your website.
    You could style the noscript message like this:
        color: #CC0000; 
        display: flex;
        align-items: center;
        justify-content: center;
        background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #004ff9, #fff94c);">
        <h1 style="margin:0">PLEASE ENABLE JAVASCRIPT</h1>
     /* With content of page wrapped in an article tag. noscript tags outside of the article tags. */
      article {
        display: none;
  1. I see wood, metal, yellow, light blues, fractals, and clouds at the bottom. The design is not consistent throughout the webpage. You could prehaps use two or three colors and one texture. Contrasting colors can look quite sharp. Imagine the webpage in just black and white??? Just blue and yellow?? Just orange and purple?? Play around with the colors. Ask the opinion of others.

  2. Remove the projects from the slide show. If people do not see the arrows it will look like you have only one project.

The parallax sideways mountain peaks scroll effect adds a nice touch to the page. Keep up the good work.

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Hi, I hope I can bring some constructive critic. I used the site for only 20 seconds and this is what I think, pls don’t shoot! :slight_smile:
The link to Project doesn’t bring to projects. At first I thought maybe it is in construction? I had to scroll down to see them. Just only giving a feedback about this, because I think it is quite important. The project are shown with some icons which make it a bit anonymous… I think I would check again if it not better to put some more descriptive pictures.

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Thanks you for your feed back. I will implement fixes that address the concerns that both of you have raised. I am in the process of updating with my new projects now. I really appreciate the critiques.