Review of Random Quote Generator Machine (JSON.parse() error)

Hello :wave:

I just did my random quote generator machine (all tests pass) and would be grateful if you reviewed my work.

Copen link: Random Quote Generator Machine

I used a local quotes array to get random quotes. I don’t know why but I couldn’t use the getQuotes function on the FCC project template where ajax was used. I kept getting an error

Uncaught ReferenceError: quotesData is not defined

The quotesData is from quotesData = JSON.parse(jsonQuotes);,

Please, is there a way I can resolve this issue?

If you would like us to review your random quote machine we will need a link to it.

@bbsmooth sorry about that. I have updated the post

Perfect. But now we need you to try using the ajax method so we can see what you did and help you get the results you want. Make sure to save your codepen so we can see your changes.

Hello @bbsmooth . I have updated the project to use the ajax method now.

Could you please review it again?

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